Creatuanary 2019 - Official prompt list
Rafael teruel prompt list creatuanary 2019 rafater

Creatuanary 2019 prompt list

Creatuanary 2019 - Official prompt list

Here is the creatuanary2 019 prompt list. This year we have 4 mystery creatures, one per week. For instance, you’ll have to choose between 2 creatures or suggest your own creature the day before. That will depend on the creature. You'll have to stay tuned to our instagram acounts. Here is mine:
And for the newbies #creatuanary is a challenge created by Dibujante Nocturno , Joshua Cairós and me (Rafater). Two years ago we decided to draw a creature per day in January in order to start the year with good artistic vibes. This is our 3rd year in a row and our community has grown quickly. Feel free to join us if you want to improve your creature designs and, of course, have fun.

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